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Man in Coma After Choking on Fig, Family Pleads for Assistance as Institutions Offer No Help


Nov 20, 2023

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Due to his health situation, Vanja (43) ended up in the hospital. Only a few hours after he was admitted, hospital staff found him on the toilet floor. The fig he was eating got stuck in his throat and at that moment his brain ran out of oxygen and thus ended up in a coma. The idyllic life of the Gudac family collapsed like a tower of cards in just a few seconds, it was announced in the Nova TV supplement. – First 15 the days of his state in that coma were terrifying. The doctors kept telling us that he would not survive, but after that they asked when we would take him home. It’s like a piece of furniture – said his mother Vera Gudac. Vanja reacts best to music, videos and audio messages. The biggest reward for me is a wink and a handshake. The institutions gave up on Vanja, I don’t want it – said Tatjana Popović Naglić. – Every video, every picture he gets – I think it’s soul food for him, it means some kind of driver, let him hope for a better tomorrow – is his cousin Vlado Naglić. – I would like to ask everyone who is willing, who heard Vanja’s story, to send us a message if they can. It can be reading a story, it can be just a greeting. Vanja responds very well to that, and that’s all we can give him now – said Popović Naglić. Dnevnik Nova TV reporter Domagoj Mikić talked about Vanja with Marina Raguž, a neurosurgeon at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital, who confirmed that messages can really stimulate the brain. people in a coma. – The family is always encouraged to talk to the patients, to play music and to stimulate the patients in any way, because we cannot rule out that this can stimulate the brain – she explained. She added that several cases have been recorded in Croatia, such as Vanjinog.- Unfortunately, there are several bizarre cases, and the most bizarre occurred in children. We had a candidate we were considering for deep brain stimulation – it was a child who choked on a pill. We have a patient, the same is about a child, who blew a balloon and suffocated – she said. Through an experimental study, she, together with another doctor, woke up about 30 percent of the subjects who reached a level of consciousness at which they can communicate. – In order for someone to become candidate for the method, it is necessary to meet neurophysiological, neuroradiological and clinical criteria. In other words, we have to test whether there is a signal between the brain and the periphery, what is the patient’s condition, and we do various radiological tests – she noted. something like that could be scientifically proven. – We woke up a patient who improved after being in a deep coma for a year – she said. People like Vanja, she explained, are on the margins of society and they don’t really belong to anyone. – They they are not palliative, not oncological and not postoperative. So actually this problem is not adequately solved. It would be good to establish a large neurorehabilitation center that will provide such patients with adequate care and where experimental methods of treatment can be carried out – Raguž concluded.

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