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Man sustains injuries while heroically defending a child from a dog attack, undergoes surgery


Nov 20, 2023

The man who saved a child from a dog attack on Zagreb’s Trešnjeveca yesterday around 3 pm was operated on at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital. He has severe physical injuries to both hands and it is uncertain how his recovery will proceed, reports Danas.hr. The hospital confirmed that the man is their employee and that the injuries he has are really serious. It is about tendon and cartilage injuries. Recovery will follow – the hospital confirmed. They have only words of praise for their employee and hope that he will get better as soon as possible, and they are all moved by his heroic act of literally defending a child from a rabid dog with his bare hands.

Let us remind you that everything happened on Saturday in Bernarda Vukas Street when a man saw the child which is attacked by a dog. He held him by the hood of his jacket with his teeth. The woman, who was standing next to the child, was trying to separate the dog from the child. She hit him with the leash. The man jumped on the dog, grabbed it with his hands and separated the animal from the child. While he was separating them, the dog bit his hands several times. The woman with the dog and the child then moved away, and the man ended up in KB Dubrava.

Everyone was shocked by the action of the dog’s owner, who simply compensated herself after the attack. Criminal Investigation is in progress.

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