Man with the world’s longest nose

Mehmet Ojulek, the man who held the title of having the world’s biggest nose, has passed away at the age of 75. His nose was measured at 3.46 inches, which is longer than the average male nose of about 2.2 inches. According to London Facial Plastic Surgery, his nose was the size of a playing card. Ojulek boasted about his excellent sense of smell and took pride in his sizable nose. He lived in the city of Artvin and was scheduled to undergo brain surgery before his passing.

Ojulek gained notoriety for his distinct nose, earning him a Guinness World Record in Los Angeles in 2001 and another in Italy in 2010. His most recent measurement was taken in 2021, confirming that he held the top spot once again. Ojulek’s son, Barish, expressed his appreciation to the people of Artvin and their fans while describing his father as a kind man.

Ojulek loved his nose and his life, telling Guinness in 2021 that he was thrilled to represent his country, the Black Sea, and Artvin on an international level. Despite being teased and called “big nose” by classmates in the past, he learned to live in harmony with his appearance.

Although Ojulek’s elongated features were thought to be genetic, he did not pass it on to his children. He believed that his sense of smell was unique and stood out from others. He passed away due to a heart attack, leaving behind a legacy as the man with the world’s longest nose.

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