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Mandatory Health Records for Lawmakers Urged by Cassidy


Sep 10, 2023

Senator Bill Cassidy of Louisiana has voiced his support for mandatory disclosures of lawmaker health records following recent health scares in Congress. Cassidy believes that individuals running for the presidency, as well as senators and House members, should have a responsibility to show that they have clarity in terms of their health. He suggests that medical records should be voluntarily disclosed, with further clarification on what information should be included. Cassidy also commended Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell for how he handled his recent medical issue and highlighted the importance of transparency in releasing both medical test results and the science behind them. McConnell’s office released a letter from the Capitol’s attending physician stating that there was no evidence of a seizure disorder or other movement disorders. When questioned about the adequacy of this transparency, Cassidy acknowledged that receiving the results of medical tests was a good start and emphasized the need to have faith in the honesty of individuals providing this information.

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