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Mari’s Gardens Expands Its Locally Grown Plant Business


Sep 1, 2023

Mari’s Gardens, a family-run business, recently opened its doors in Kailua, offering a wide selection of plants, pots, and gardening supplies. The goal of the store is to make it easy for people to find and care for plants, providing them with a happy place. Many customers have expressed that taking care of plants has helped them through challenging times. The store offers familiar plants, citrus, Native Hawaiian plants, and flowers, as well as a variety of unique and specialty items such as cute pots, produce, exotic plants, and garden tools. The store is owned by the Lau family, known for their long history in landscaping and citrus tree sales. Mari Lau, Fred’s daughter, has also contributed her own aesthetic and inspiration to the business. Fred Lau named the business after Mari when she was just 10 years old. The store has a whimsical touch, with cow-themed pots, unique containers, and beginner-friendly product groupings. The Laus are also expanding their online presence, allowing customers to browse and order products online for pickup at various locations. The focus of Mari’s Gardens is to support local growers and encourage younger generations to grow their own food. The Kailua store is still finding its place in the neighborhood, with potential plans for more unique statues and features in the future.

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