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Marlins Approaching Every Game as If It’s a World Series Game


Sep 3, 2023

In the wild National League Wild Card race, the Marlins are ready to embrace the chaos. With three consecutive wins against the Nationals over Labor Day weekend, the Marlins have kept themselves in the mix for a playoff spot. This preview of the final four weeks of the season suggests that things are only going to get wilder.

Currently, the Marlins are one of six teams fighting for three Wild Card spots, with four clubs in a tight race for the final spot. With 26 games left, the Marlins need to make a push to secure a playoff spot. The upcoming schedule includes a mix of tough opponents, making it a challenging road ahead. The tiebreakers could also come into play, with the Marlins holding the first tiebreaker over Arizona but not necessarily against San Francisco or Cincinnati.

The outlook for the Marlins is not impossible, but it will require them to play their best baseball. As of now, their remaining schedule is projected to be the fourth-toughest in MLB. The Cubs’ remaining schedule may have the most impact on the race, with a majority of their games against teams in contention. The Marlins do have three more games against the Phillies, which could directly impact the playoff race.

Overall, chaos is expected in the race for the final Wild Card spot. With just one game separating the four teams competing for it, anything can happen. The Marlins are determined to battle it out and make the playoffs.

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