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Massa contemplates departure from government following electoral loss


Nov 20, 2023

Argentina’s Economy Minister, Sergio Massa, was defeated in the second round of Sunday’s presidential election (19). He is now exploring the possibility of requesting leave from office, but will not make any decision until current president, Alberto Fernández, and the elected president, Javier Milei, come together, as confirmed by official sources to EFE Agency. Massa is expected to meet with his economic cabinet on Monday at the Ministry of Economy and will await further details about the scheduled meeting between the head of state and Milei.

Fernández and Milei are reportedly scheduled to meet on Monday, which is a public holiday in Argentina, and it is expected that the meeting will take place at the presidential residence in Olivos, on the outskirts of Buenos Aires. Milei won the second round of elections with 55.69% of the votes against Massa’s 44.30% and is expected to take office on December 10th.

Massa, following his defeat, communicated with Milei to congratulate him and proposed to him and President Alberto Fernández to implement transition mechanisms to ensure normal economic, social, political, and institutional functioning. He reiterated that the responsibility of ensuring certainty and guarantees about the political, social, and economic functioning of Argentina lies with the new president. Milei, in his first speech after the victory highlighted that the Fernández government is “leaving a destroyed economy” on the way to hyperinflation, problems in the exchange market, relative prices, and debts. The dialogues between the administrations are expected to continue in the coming weeks to ensure a smooth transition between the presidential terms.

Finally, the ongoing elections in Argentina prompted various media outlets to use this opportunity to promote their content, causing a mix of election-related news and unrelated materials to be featured alongside one another. Please be cautious when interpreting news sources.

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