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Matvei Michkov, Promising Flyers Prospect, Benched for KHL Opener – NBC Sports Philadelphia


Sep 3, 2023

In an interesting development, Matvei Michkov, the Flyers’ highly talented prospect, did not play in SKA St. Petersburg’s regular-season opener on Saturday. The team emerged victorious with a 2-1 win against Dynamo Moscow. Flyers sources confirmed that Michkov was a healthy scratch and not sidelined due to injury.

This news comes as a surprise, considering that Michkov, the seventh overall pick in the 2023 NHL draft, is regarded as one of the top prospects in Russian hockey. It is not the ideal start to the season for Michkov, as he finds himself sitting on the bench instead of being out on the ice. SKA St. Petersburg is known as one of the premier teams in the KHL, which is the top professional league in Russia. Michkov is currently in the first year of a three-year contract with the club.

Brent Flahr, the Flyers assistant general manager, expressed his hopes for Michkov’s playing time. He acknowledged SKA St. Petersburg’s reputation as a wealthy and powerful team that continuously signs players. Flahr’s desire is for Michkov to have ample playing time and a significant offensive role. The Flyers were aware of Michkov’s contract status and are satisfied, as they expect him to be NHL-ready and make an impact after three years.

Ken Hoodikoff, one of the Flyers’ amateur scouts based in Russia, played an essential role in recruiting Michkov. Hoodikoff’s insights will be valuable to the organization throughout the season. Flyers general manager Danny Briere spoke highly of Hoodikoff’s interactions with Michkov, emphasizing his positive opinion of Michkov as both a player and a person. The Flyers are grateful to have found a player of such talent in the draft.

SKA St. Petersburg’s next game is scheduled for Monday, which will reveal if Michkov will make his season debut. According to Daniel Bochner, the former player development coach for SKA St. Petersburg and now with the Hurricanes, Michkov is a “spotlight player” who thrives in crucial moments. Bochner describes Michkov as someone who wants to be the difference-maker and dictate the terms of the game in his favor. Michkov’s abilities and determination make him an impactful player on the ice.

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