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Max Engle’s legacy will endure: A tribute to his extraordinary achievements | News, Sports, Jobs


Sep 16, 2023

The number 4 jersey at the Jersey Shore Football Field in Jersey Shore illuminates in the morning sunlight. This jersey belonged to Max Engle, a player who tragically collapsed on the field during a recent game against Selinsgrove. Although I didn’t know Max personally, I have heard from many others about the impact he had on the Jersey Shore community. Beyond being a talented football player, Max was a remarkable human being who positively influenced the lives of countless individuals.

Max’s time on Earth may have been short, but his impact was profound. His presence off the field demonstrated his greatness as a soccer player. His accomplishments extended far beyond a single Friday night game. Max tragically passed away seven days after collapsing during a Jersey Shore game in Selinsgrove, leaving a significant void in the community. However, the memories of his impact will continue to shine brightly forever.

From what I knew about Max, he was intelligent, swift, physically strong, and a leader on the team. In the District 4 Class AAAA championship game against Selinsgrove last fall, he played a crucial role as a stand-in for an injured starter, contributing to Jersey Shore’s victory and their fifth consecutive district title. Throughout the first three games of the year, Max proved himself as a vital member of a young Jersey Shore team. He excelled as a defensive end and played a smaller role as a tight end on offense.

Nevertheless, what truly made Max exceptional was his ability to uplift and improve his teammates. He possessed the qualities of an exceptional player whose impact extended beyond the field. Off the field, Max was an exceptional student, a loving son, a cherished friend, and a perfect teammate. His innate charisma drew others towards him for all the right reasons. His sudden departure at such a young age has left many in immense pain. There are no words that can fully describe what Max meant to his family, teammates, friends, and school.

Max’s legacy will live on through his selfless act of becoming an organ donor. Through this act, he will continue to provide the gift of life to those in need. Max’s choice revealed a lot about his character and exemplified his heroism. While we may have different viewpoints and disagreements, Max Engle has unified the entire state in the wake of his tragic passing. People from all walks of life, regardless of their affiliations, have offered support, prayers, and donations. We are now all Bulldogs, standing together as one with the Jersey Shore community. This is the power that Max Engle possessed – the ability to bring people together during difficult times.

Although we cannot bring Max back, we can ensure his legacy lives on. We can strive to be less combative and more collaborative. We can commit ourselves to the betterment of the entire Jersey Shore community and always strive to do what is right. Let us be thoughtful, considerate, and compassionate in our actions. By embodying the qualities of Max Engle, we can create a better world. Let us honor this exceptional individual who became a role model at a young age. Max may be gone, but he will never be forgotten. His impact was immeasurable, and there is much we can learn from his life. Max Engle gave his all, and we should strive to do the same.

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