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Media Alert: Regent Park community health care workers on strike to host news conference and rally addressing ‘Regent Park Crisis’


Apr 3, 2024

Regent Park is currently facing a health care crisis, with community health care workers from Local 5115 of OPSEU/SEFPO being forced out on strike two weeks ago after their employer refused to offer them a fair deal. These workers are on the frontlines of the poisoned drug epidemic, saving lives in the community. A news conference and rally will be hosted on Thursday, April 4 to talk about the impact of the health care crisis on vulnerable clients and call on RPCHC management to end the strike. Solidarity guests will include fellow striking workers from the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO), members of OPSEU/SEFPO Local 535.

RPCHC was established over 50 years ago to cater to the health needs of Regent Park residents, who are predominantly racialized, often with precarious status, in a mid to low-income community. The workers at RPCHC provide critical services and programs, including overdose prevention programs, support for addictions and homelessness, and primary health care. However, with frozen wages for nearly six years and benefits that have been frozen for 30 years, they are struggling to make ends meet. They are calling for better wages, benefits, and a psychologically safe internal work environment.

The staff at RPCHC, like other community health care workers, are severely underpaid within the health care sector, leading to a recruitment and retention crisis. Despite five months of bargaining, the employer has refused to offer a deal that prioritizes the well-being of clients and workers. The situation has led to a call for action to address the pressing issues faced by these essential workers in Regent Park.

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