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Merger of Greenfield and West Allis Health Departments


Mar 27, 2024

The Greenfield Health Department will be merging with the West Allis Health Department to form the new Southwest Suburban Health Department. This decision was announced in a press release on Wednesday, March 27 with the aim of consolidating public health services for both West Allis and Greenfield communities. The merger received approval from the common councils of both cities, establishing a unified entity that will provide more efficient and comprehensive public health services.

The Southwest Suburban Health Department will be governed by a joint board of health under an intergovernmental agreement for a five-year term. Both cities, as well as state health grants, will provide funding for the new department. Mayor Dan Devine of West Allis expressed confidence in the merger, highlighting the long-standing collaborative relationship between the two departments. He stated, “The opportunity to formalize our mutual approach to serving our communities through the creation of the Southwest Suburban Health Department will allow us to more strategically and effectively meet the needs of the public.”

Michael Neitzke, mayor of Greenfield, also emphasized the benefits of the merger, stating, “The unification of our public health department with West Allis will allow for a more streamlined and focused delivery of community and environmental health services to all residents we serve.” This move reflects the commitment of both cities to provide top-quality health services to their communities through a collaborative and efficient approach.

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