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Meta restricts political content on Instagram and Threads from non-followed accounts by default.


Mar 26, 2024

Meta has implemented a configuration option in Instagram and Threads that limits the appearance of political content in the main feed and recommended content from accounts that users do not follow. Last February, Meta announced its intention to change the approach to political content on their social networks, with the goal of preserving users’ ability to choose whether or not to engage with political content.

The company has enabled a configuration option that allows users to manage the appearance of political content on their Threads and Instagram accounts. This new configuration began to roll out globally last week and is enabled by default for all users. Users can find this option in the ‘Content preferences’ section on Instagram, where they will see that the ‘Limit political content from people you don’t follow’ setting is enabled by default.

Political content refers to topics such as governments, laws, elections, and social issues that affect society. Despite Meta’s belief that politics and news are important, they have decided to limit the appearance of political content on users’ feeds. This option does not change the way posts from accounts that users follow are displayed, as they will continue to be promoted without any limitations.

Users who are interested in seeing political content on Instagram or Threads can disable this option at any time. The new configuration is aimed at providing users with more control over the type of content they see on their social media feeds.

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