Micron barred from major infrastructure projects in China by government’s ban on chipmaker

Chinese cyberspace regulators have stated that Micron Technology, the largest US memory chip maker, poses a “significant network security risk,” indicating that the company’s products may pose a national security threat. With rising tensions between China and the US, this marks China’s first major move against US chipmakers. The regulators did not provide details on the risks it found or which specific Micron products contained them. However, a Micron spokesperson confirmed that the company had been notified by the CAC following a review of their products sold in China and that they are currently evaluating their conclusions and next steps.

A US Department of Commerce spokesperson expressed their opposition to the claims, stating that they were “adamantly opposed to any regulation that is not factually based,” and called the move “inconsistent.” The announcement from the CAC followed a statement issued by the G7 summit concerning China’s human rights record, economic policies, and growing military presence in the east. President Joe Biden stated that G7 nations were seeking to “de-risk and diversify their relationship with China” through diversifying their supply chains. Micron Technology attended the summit in Hiroshima as part of a group of business leaders and announced plans to invest $3.6 billion in developing its technology in Japan.

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