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Microsoft is creating an artificial intelligence-powered virtual assistant to assist Xbox users


Apr 3, 2024

Microsoft is currently testing a new animated agent with artificial intelligence (AI) on Xbox to provide support for players. The specialized media The Verge reported on Tuesday that the tech giant is experimenting with a virtual Xbox Support Agent that can interact with players through voice or text. Haiyan Zhang, general manager of game AI at Xbox, stated that the prototype will make it easier and faster for players to receive assistance with support issues.

The Xbox AI chatbot is linked to Microsoft support documents for the Xbox network and ecosystem, allowing it to answer questions and assist with processes such as game refunds on Microsoft’s support website. In addition to this, Microsoft is also exploring the integration of AI capabilities into game content creation, game operations, and its Xbox platform and devices. This may include experimenting with AI-generated art for games and other innovations in the gaming space.

As Microsoft continues to push boundaries in the realm of AI, they are looking to enhance the gaming experience for Xbox players through the implementation of advanced technologies. The potential integration of AI into various aspects of gaming demonstrates the company’s commitment to innovation and improving user experiences.

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