Midlands Region of South Carolina Joins the Healthy Business Challenge – Columbia Business Report

The South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge was launched on Wednesday in the Midlands region. Its aim is to help businesses and organizations create work environments that support a culture of wellbeing and promote a healthy workforce. The program was developed to ensure that employees have access to workplace wellness resources and it helps foster connections between them. The launch was completed in the Midlands region and representatives from more than 100 businesses of all types and sizes attended to learn about the free new program.

During the launch, Rosalyn Goodwin, Vice President of Southern Relations, offered an overview of the program while Lt. Gov. Pamela Evett discussed the importance of workplace well-being as an economic driver in South Carolina. Wes Carter, President of The Atlantic, also spoke about his organization’s commitment to wellness through corporate health, advocacy, community, and sustainability initiatives.

Jen Wright, Director of Workforce Experience at SCHA, highlighted the importance of collaboration in creating a culture that supports employee wellness. She said that companies need to be committed to creating an environment that enables their employees to be healthy and fulfilled, which attracts and retains the most talented, productive, motivated, and loyal employees.

The Carolina Hospital Association is expanding its 12-year strategic partnership with the SCHA in building a healthy workforce in South Carolina. BlueCross BlueShield and program sponsors Gallagher and Trident United Way Healthy People, Healthy Carolina have supported the program since its inception. In early 2022, the program will be rebranded to the South Carolina Healthy Business Challenge as it launches its third region in Greenville.

The program’s founder and director, Dr. Susan Johnson, expressed her gratitude for the support she has received from members, stakeholders, and leaders. She believes that a shared passion across all representative organizations will have a profound impact on the quality of life in South Carolina.

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