Millions Poured into Local Economy through PGA Championship and Lilac Festival

Rochester, NY saw a huge economic boost thanks to both the PGA Championship and the Lilac Festival, bringing an estimated $200 million to the local economy. The goal now is to build on that success and highlight the other attractions that Rochester has to offer. Visit Rochester, the city’s tourism organization, is leading the effort to boost tourism in the area.

Don Jeffries, head of Visit Rochester, has big plans to make Rochester a top tourist destination. In an interview with News 10NBC, he talked about how at least 40% of visitors to the PGA Championship and Lilac Festival were from out of state, and he wants them to come back and spend more money in the community.

Jeffries noted that Rochester has a lot to offer, including museums, art galleries, and cultural events. He emphasized that Rochester is an affordable city, unlike some of its larger counterparts, making it a great place to visit for those on a budget.

Visit Rochester is working hard to keep recent visitors coming back by sending follow-up emails to anyone who buys a PGA Championship ticket, inviting them to visit again. They’re also excited about upcoming events, such as the CGI Rochester International Jazz Festival and the NCAA Athletics Championships in Fisher.

The success of both the PGA Championship and the Lilac Festival has shown that Rochester can host big events and attract visitors from all over. Jeffries hopes that this success will translate to even more big events in the future, making Rochester a top destination for cultural and sporting events alike.

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