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Minister of Defense Delegates Functions as United States Admitted to “Intensive Care”


Feb 12, 2024

US Defense Minister Lloyd Austin was once again admitted to the hospital for an urgent bladder problem, sparking controversy due to the secrecy surrounding his health issues. Deputy Secretary of Defense Kathleen Hicks has taken over the leadership role at the Pentagon while Austin receives treatment. After undergoing a series of tests and evaluations, Austin was admitted to the intensive care unit for supportive care and close monitoring. The doctors said that Austin’s prognosis for cancer remains excellent, despite the current bladder problem.

The controversy began when it was revealed that Austin had kept his cancer diagnosis a secret, causing an uproar in the country. Despite the criticism, Austin stated that there was no disruption of power or risk to the command and control of the ministry. The incident raised concerns amid ongoing conflicts in Ukraine and the Gaza Strip and calls for Austin’s resignation from both Democratic and Republican politicians.

The controversy over Austin’s health also came at a time when US forces in Iraq and Syria were facing attacks by Iranian-backed fighters, and as the Biden administration sought to maintain support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Despite calls for his dismissal, President Biden expressed confidence in Austin. The controversy surrounding Austin’s health led to calls for his dismissal, but President Biden expressed confidence in him.

Lloyd Austin, known for his largely apolitical nature and comfort with military operations, has been praised for his leadership, despite the controversial secrecy surrounding his health issues. His decision to keep his cancer diagnosis a secret was influenced by his disposition to avoid the limelight and maintain a low profile.

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