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Ministry of Economy releases price comparison for Passover shopping prior to bulk purchases


Apr 3, 2024

The Ministry of Economy and Industry, along with the Israeli Consumer Council, conducted a study on prices for common goods in the “Passover basket.” The study found a price difference of 926 shekels, which is a 32% gap between the most expensive and cheapest retail chains. Some products had price differences of over 100%. Overall, the price of the Passover basket increased by 4% compared to last year.

Specialists from the Ministry of Economy and the Israeli Consumer Council checked prices for 155 goods in 44 retail chains across the country and online. The study revealed significant price differences for products like tomato sauce, cleaning sponges, chocolate spread, salmon fillets, and ketchup.

On average, the cost of 155 items in the Passover basket in Israel is 3,250 shekels. Rami Levy was found to be the cheapest retail chain, offering the basket for 2,923 shekels, while AM:PM was the most expensive at 3,851 shekels. The price “rating” of other retail chains varied, with some offering prices below the national average and others above it.

The study shed light on the importance of comparing prices and choosing the most cost-effective options when shopping for goods needed for Passover. The information gathered can help consumers make more informed decisions and save money during the holiday season.

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