Ministry of Health issues press statement

The Kauai Regional Health Department is conducting a community assessment of emergency preparedness, known as the Public Health Emergency Preparedness (CASPER) survey. The survey aims to assess the emergency preparedness level and current health status of Kauai households. According to Kauai Deputy District Health Officer Lauren Guest, this survey builds on previous CASPER research to understand how households are coping as they emerge from the pandemic. The information gathered will enable Kauai’s office and county to better serve the needs of its communities.

The survey team will go door-to-door in 30 census tracts, with a focus on densely populated areas in the county from June 6-9, 2023. The team will systematically select seven homes within each district to survey. The research team is made up of staff from the Kauai Regional Health Department, supported by the Kauai Medical Reserve and American Red Cross. Oahu DOH staff will also participate in this process.

Kauai District Health Officer, Dr. Janet Bereman, expressed gratitude for the participation of Kauai residents in this island-wide research effort. The survey takes about 10 minutes, and households are informed about the ongoing impact of the pandemic and the provision of emergency preparedness. Survey responses are confidential, and team members will not collect names or addresses. Team members wear vests that identify them as members of the DOH investigation team and carry identification. The research team will follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, wearing face masks and maintaining physical distancing.

Participating households will be given the opportunity to complete the survey by telephone if desired. The CASPER survey methodology was developed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and aims to rapidly assess community health and other resource needs after a disaster. This is the sixth time the DOH has conducted a CASPER survey on Kauai. To view previous CASPER research reports, please visit

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