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Misericordia University Expands Academic Offerings with Introduction of Business Economics Major


Sep 14, 2023

Misericordia University has recently announced the addition of Business Economics to its list of fall 2024 academic programs. This new major provides students with a range of professional opportunities upon graduation, and they will receive a Bachelor’s degree in Business Economics. Dr. Jen Ma, associate professor of business at Misericordia University, stated that Economics is one of the fastest growing majors in the United States. The demand for economists is expected to grow at a rate of 5.7% through 2031, with a median annual wage of $105,630. This interdisciplinary major offers students a wide variety of career options.

The Business Economics major at Misericordia University is designed to give students a deep understanding of economics and the necessary skills to succeed in the modern business environment. The curriculum focuses on key economic concepts and principles, as well as critical and analytical thinking skills. Students will also develop leadership and management abilities through hands-on experience, learning how to drive positive change in their respective business environments while practicing ethical and socially responsible behaviors.

One significant aspect of this major is its exploration of the intersection of economics and globalization. As our world becomes increasingly interconnected, students will gain insight into how global dynamics impact the business environment and develop a keen awareness of global economic issues. This degree opens up opportunities for students to pursue careers in various industries, such as business, banking, finance, law, government, and non-governmental organizations.

Dean James Pearson of the School of Business Administration expressed the university’s excitement about the addition of the Business Economics major, as it enhances the academic opportunities available to students and prepares them for their future careers. The major requires students to take courses in economics, statistics, management, marketing, finance, and accounting. Additionally, the university will introduce three new courses specifically for business economics majors: an introduction to intermediate microeconomics, international economics, and econometrics.

In addition to the Business Economics major, the College of Business at Misericordia University also offers other new majors, including specializations in data science, supply chain management, and certified financial planning. These research areas provide students with diverse opportunities for academic and professional growth.

For more information about the Business Economics program, please click here. To learn more about the other majors and specializations offered by the College of Business, please click here.

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