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Modrić admits to fear and dissatisfaction with performance, aims for improvement at the Euro.


Nov 21, 2023

Croatia secured direct qualification to the 2024 European Championship in Germany with a narrow victory over Armenia in Maksimir. The portal offers live reactions to the “fire’s” big victory. Captain Luka Modrić shared his thoughts with Nova TV after the win, expressing happiness and the team’s belief that they deserved the qualification despite some complications in the penultimate cycle. The team also expressed gratitude for Armenia’s help and Turkey’s result that secured their place at the Euro for Germany. Modrić noted that the match against Armenia was not easy, but they managed to score the crucial goal.

Modrić admitted that there was some fear during the game, especially not knowing the result of the second game. He acknowledged that they needed a second goal to close the game and expressed relief that they managed to defend their lead. He also mentioned that during halftime, they knew Wales was leading against Turkey, but they were unsure of the second half, emphasizing the importance of focusing on their own performance.

The atmosphere in Zagreb was described as phenomenal by Modrić, who noted that it had been a long time since the team played there. He mentioned the absence of the eastern stand but highlighted the support of the 20,000 fans, emphasizing that the kids surely enjoyed themselves.

Modrić expressed that there are still things the national team needs to correct and improve. He emphasized the return of key players and the hope for better performances in the future, acknowledging the need for improvement if they want to play an important role at the Euros.

Regarding the performances of Pašalić, Budimir, and Majer, Modrić praised their contributions and highlighted Budimir’s goal that secured their place at the Euros. He also commended Majer’s performance in the limited minutes he played and noted that Lovro had shown promise in his two games.

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