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Modrić’s touching gesture: presenting his jersey to the Armenian dressing room with the message ‘The best football player ever’


Nov 21, 2023

Luka Modrić made an admirable move a few minutes after celebrating going to Euro 2024 on the Maksimir pitch. He went to the dressing room of Armenia, where the opposing players wanted to take photos with him. In an interview, Armenian goalkeeper Ognjen Čančarević shared that he had a gift for his son who asked if he would play against Mbappe or Haaland, to which Čančarević responded that he would be playing against Luka Modrić. Luka rewarded him with a jersey, and Čančarević expressed his admiration for Modrić, calling him the best football player in the history of their area.

Čančarević also congratulated Croatia on their victory and their well-deserved qualification to the Euro. He mentioned that Armenia tried to impose themselves with a young team and acknowledged that Croatia had the initiative throughout the game. When asked if Croatia could go far in the Euros, Čančarević expressed belief in their abilities and experience, wishing them all the best.

Reflecting on the evening of the Croatian festival, Čančarević expressed surprise at the state of the stadium, stating that he and his friends from Croatia and Zagreb have all noticed the issue. Despite being from Serbia and accustomed to similar stadiums, Čančarević believes that a national team achieving such results deserves a nicer stadium.

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