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More frequent explosive cellular cyclones to occur as thunder rumbles in Zagreb


Nov 21, 2023

Last night, a strong thunderstorm hit the eastern part of the city after 2 o’clock, but detailed information about it has not been seen yet. Regardless, it is believed that the phenomenon can be attributed to recent climate change. Branko Grisogono, a professor from Zagreb’s Faculty of Arts, suggests that things are becoming increasingly blurred in the realm of space and time. He comments on the loud, somewhat scary, and atypical thunderstorm for the second part of November. Grisogono adds that the thunderstorm is typical for coastal regions, not for the continental part, and is linked to climate change.

According to Grisogono, the thunderstorm was caused by an intense explosive cellular cyclone with accelerated development, resulting in distinct scattering and thunder. He believes that the event is another indication of increased climate change due to the excess energy in the climate system, causing more frequent, unexpected, and intense weather events. The professor had previously spoken about the anticipation of one of the warmest winters so far.

Grisogono concludes by emphasizing the expectation of more intense weather events in the future due to climate change. He points out that the winter will be warmer as the area is already several degrees warmer than before. He emphasizes the importance of being prepared for more intense weather events in the future.

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