More Sites in WA Transferred to Altera Opal

In Western Australia, many healthcare settings are making the switch from paper records to digital health records with the help of Altera Digital Health. One digital health record called Altera Opal is already in use at Rockingham General Hospital, Murray District Hospital, and various Community Health Centers near Mandurah and Kwinana. Previously known as BOSSnet, this digital health record is currently operational at over 100 facilities in Australia and is also utilized as a document management solution as part of the Sunrise Platform of Health.

Larger Background Health Support Services has been closely working with health service providers and Altera to implement digital medical records across its Washington State sites. CIO Jonathan Smith believes that Altera Opal’s implementation “is a precursor to the adoption of integrated EMRs, further enhancing electronic capture of information in the point of care and minimizing paper forms.” Fremantle Hospital was the first facility to install this solution in 2019.

Recently, the Washington state government announced an investment of nearly A$100 million ($68 million) to complete the first phase of a statewide rollout of digital medical records. The project was initially funded in 2020 and is now gearing up for the full deployment of its EMR system throughout Washington state. “Altera Opal has been particularly effective in Washington State, enabling many healthcare settings to embark on a digital journey that clinicians can leverage to deliver even better care,” says a spokesperson.

Altera Vice President of APAC, Todd Haebich adds that “Through scanning and document management capabilities, we are helping healthcare settings effectively and affordably customize deployment strategies to meet their budgets and medical needs, and intelligent workflows that support effective medical information management and clinical coding. And Altera Opal can seamlessly connect with third-party software,” making it a flexible option for healthcare providers.

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