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MPS Manufacturing aims to grow its business in New Philadelphia


Feb 13, 2024

MPS Manufacturing, a rubber molding company that sells its products in 35 different countries, is requesting the city of New Philadelphia to rezone a piece of residential property to industrial to accommodate its business expansion. Michael Stein, the owner of MPS Manufacturing, recently made the request to council on behalf of the company. The business, located at 326 Pearl St. NE, purchased property at 407 Kaserman Ave. NE to set up a CNC mold shop in an existing building, which stands for computer numerical control.

The company also recently acquired a machine shop in Tallmadge and is relocating it to New Philadelphia. The shop is the company’s mold maker, and the owner of the company will work for MPS for a few years to train someone to take his place. This move will create one new job, with the potential for additional job creation by freeing up space in the existing building. The company is also hoping to bring in some aerospace work.

MPS Manufacturing was started in 2005 and began in the business incubator in Dover operated by the Economic Development and Finance Alliance of Tuscarawas County. It manufactures rubber moldings, including products ranging from wine corks to satellite parts. The company has 18 employees and has recently hired another worker.

The request for the zoning change was approved by the city’s planning commission in December. An ordinance to make the change has received its first reading in January and will get two more readings this month. A public hearing will be held on Feb. 26 before the measure gets its third reading. The company’s expansion plans demonstrate its commitment to growth and development in the city of New Philadelphia.

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