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MUD successfully registers Edmundo González Urrutia as a candidate for the 2024 Venezuela Elections.


Mar 26, 2024

The National Electoral Council (CNE) of Venezuela announced on Tuesday that Eduardo González Urrutia has been registered as a candidate for the presidential elections on July 28 by the Democratic Unity Roundtable. This registration came after the coalition failed to nominate Corina Yoris, who was chosen by María Corina Machado, but was unable to compete due to disqualification. Elvis Amoroso, the president of CNE, initially dropped the name of Edmund Gonzalez Urrutia from the list of registered candidates, followed by the party Democratic Unity Table (MUD), which absorbed the current Democratic Unitary Platform (PUD).

Corina Yoris, nominated by Maria Corina Machado as a candidate, was left out without any explanation provided so far. The PUD confirmed in a statement the “provisional” registration of Eduardo Gonzalez Urrutia due to the inability to register the elected candidacy. The Democratic Unitary Platform expressed that their candidate had not yet been able to be registered for the presidential election, despite requesting an extension from CNE.

González Urrutia is an international analyst, diplomat, and former ambassador of Venezuela to Argentina and Algeria. According to the CNE, he is one of 13 candidates registered for the elections, including incumbent President Nicolás Maduro. A total of 37 political parties, some in coalition, nominated their candidates during the five-day registration process, according to Elvis Amoroso.

The formula of nominating a provisional candidate in Venezuela is common and aims to secure a spot on the ballot. González Urrutia may be replaced starting next Monday if there are no administrative sanctions or impediments, and the CNE approves the replacement candidacy.

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