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Natasha Galloway, Spring business owner, unable to access $30K grant from Greater Houston Community Foundation after being locked out of bank account


Nov 22, 2023

A Spring woman’s plans to take her small business to the next level after winning a $30,000 grant were interrupted when one of her company vehicles was repossessed and she was locked out of her account until the new year. Natasha Galloway, owner of BB Fly Trucking, planned to use the grant money to pay off her truck and buy a trailer and commercial property for parking her equipment. She received the good news about the grant in an email on Sept. 29 and was looking forward to investing in her business.

Galloway got the $30,000 check on Oct. 25 and brought it to her local Regions Bank branch. She withdrew a portion of the money and was told the rest would be available on Nov. 3. However, she was told on that day that the check was suspicious and that the bank would start a three-month investigation and freeze the entire business account. Despite efforts by The Greater Houston Community Foundation to confirm the legitimacy of the check, Galloway remains unable to access the funds in her account.

The money from the check was intended to pay off Galloway’s third 18-wheeler, but instead the vehicle was repossessed and is now headed to auction. Galloway is frustrated by the situation and is concerned about the impact on her business as she is unable to access the funds she had planned on using to grow her business. Regions Bank has declined to comment on the situation and is looking into the investigation. For updates on this story, follow Lileana Pearson on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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