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National Guards should all be led by Bulj, demands opposition in clash with prime minister over budget.


Nov 21, 2023

After he presented the budget proposal to them, the MPs showered Prime Minister Andrej Plenković with retorts. Social Democrat Željko Pavić criticized the budget, stating that it is still far from what it should be for the most socially vulnerable to live normally. He asked the Prime Minister how he intends to help them, given that wages and minimum pensions are still too low. Prime Minister Plenković responded by highlighting the economic progress made during their mandate compared to the SDP government’s time.

SDP’s Sabina Glasovac spoke out against the violation of the Rules of Procedure, disputing the Prime Minister’s statements. Sandra Benčić, president of the Mozemo Club, questioned why the government would provide extra tax benefits to the tourism industry but not to other areas that create well-paid jobs.

The debate continued with MP Karolina Vidović Krišto questioning the allocation of funds and the handling of the Dalekovod situation. The representative of the Homeland Movement, Stephen Bartulica, pointed out that the budget does not meet the real needs of society.

The opposition MPs brought up various issues such as tax relief, funds allocation, and policies regarding illegal migrants. Prime Minister Plenković defended his government’s actions but faced strong criticisms and accusations from the opposition representatives.

The debate covered a wide range of topics, from economic growth to social welfare, with the MPs expressing their concerns and opposition to the proposed budget. The Prime Minister responded to each question and criticism, defending his government’s policies and initiatives. Despite the heated exchanges, the debate highlighted the diverse perspectives on the budget proposal and the different priorities of the MPs.

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