The world’s largest firms in 2022

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The 12 months was fashioned by unpleasant macroeconomic headwinds.

Trillions of {{dollars}} have been misplaced from public agency market capitalization, investor confidence has eroded, and value pressures have weighed on customers’ wallets.

Taken collectively, a number of the world’s largest firms expert a sharp drop in market share. Nonetheless, a variety of firms in key sectors posted optimistic improvement all 12 months lengthy.

As 2022 attracts to an in depth, the infographic above reveals the world’s biggest firms.

World’s largest public firms in 2022

Proper this second, Apple has established itself as a result of the world’s most revered agency. $2.3 trillion evaluation.

Apple held onto the best spot no matter a tech stoop in 2022 as a consequence of rising charges of curiosity and slowing product sales. This was largely as a consequence of report earnings and healthful shopper demand for the iPhone. half of its full earnings.

After Apple is Microsoft. In distinction to Apple, Microsoft has confronted a decline in earnings this earlier 12 months as a consequence of lower demand for personal pc methods and the monetary impression. strong dollarWhole, about 50% of the company’s product sales are made overseas.

As you’ll see beneath, there in the intervening time are solely 4 firms left. trillion dollar market capitalization membership.

2022 ranking
CompanyMarket CapitainationsectorLocation 1Apple $2.3TTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US 2MICROSOFT $1.9TTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US 3Saudi Aramco $ 1.8TENERGY🇸🇦SAUDI ARABIA 4ALPHABET $ 1.2TTECHNOLOGY $ US 5AMAZON $ 924BCOSUMER DISCUMATIONARYグループ$ 510BHEALTHCARE🇺🇸US 9 Johnson&Johnson $ 465BhealthCare🇺🇸US10VISA $454BINDUSTURTIALS🇺🇸 US11NVIDIA $437BTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US12EXXON MOBIL $437BENERGY🇺🇸US13TSMC $ 417BTECHNOLOGY Btechnologology🇨🇳中国16JPMORGAN CHASE $394BFINANCIALS🇺🇸USUS 17LVMH $ 377BCOSUMER OBYSAGEARIESFRANCE18Procter&Gamble $ 361BCONSUMERSTAPLES🇺🇸US 19LI LILLY $ 349BHEALTH CARE🇺🇸US 20マスター328 億ドルエネルギー🇺🇸 United States 23 Nestlé $32.2 billion shopper staples 🇨🇭 Switzerland 24 Kweichow Moutai $31.3 billion shopper staples 🇨🇳 China 25 Samsung $30.6 billion know-how 🇰🇷 South Korea 26 izer$293BHealth Care🇺US 28AbbVie$292BHealth Care🇺🇸 US 29Novo Nordisk$292 BHealth Care🇩🇰デンマーク 30コカコーラ$277B 🇺🇸US 34PEPSICO $ 253BCONSUMERSTAPLES🇺🇸US35ASML $247BTECHNOLOGY🇳🇱オランダ36ALIBABA $ 245BROADSOMERADARYARICOCOM $ 225BROADCOM $ 225BROADCOM $ 225BTECHNOLOGY US 41ASTRAZENECA $ 215BHEALTH CARE -UNITION KINGDOM 42RELIANCE I NDUSTRIES $214BENERGY🇮🇳INDIA43ICBC $208BFINANCIALS🇨🇳CHINA 44MCDONALD’S $ 203BCONSUMER裁量Oréal$197BConsumer Discretionary🇫🇷 フランス 49Toyota$197BConsumer Discretionary🇯🇵日本 50Novartis$196BHealth Care🇨🇭 スイス 51Abbott Laboratories$109BHealth Care🇺🇸 US 52Accenture$184BIndustrials🇮🇪アイルランド53BT-Cell コミュニケーションUS 54NIKE $ 175BCOSSUMER裁量$ US 55WALT DISNEY $ 173BCONSUMER裁量$ US 56NEXTERA ENERGY $ 172BUTILISTHES $ 169BCONSUMER DOVENTARYADAREARDARYA YOUNTARYATUREARDARYA2 FRANCE 58BRISTOL-MYERS SQUIBB $ 168HEALTH CARTAITY Kingdom 60wells Fargo $163bfinancials🇺🇸US 61Texas Gadgets $161BTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US 62BHPグループ$ 160BASIC MATERIALS🇦🇺オーストラリア63Verizon $ 159BteleCommunications $ 64PHILIP MORRIS $ 159BCONSUMER STAPLES $ 158BTELECMUNICATIONS $158BTELECMUNICATIONS🇺🇸658BASTERECMUNICTIONS🇺🇸US68BNUNTIR $ 157BTECHNOLOGY -US 68モルガンスタンレー$154BFINANCIALS🇺🇸US69CHINA CONSTRUCTION BANK $152BFINANCIALS🇨🇳CHINA 70TOTALENERGIES $152BENERGY🇫🇷 France71 Charles Schwab $150bfinancials che us 72Amgen $148BHEALTH CAREON CONSCONGIS$146BINDAUST $1466 BTechnology 🇮🇳 India 75CATL $145B Shopper Discretionary 🇨🇳 China 76 China Cell $145B Telecommunications 🇨🇳 China 77 Honeywell $144B Industrial 🇺🇸 USA 78Agricultural Monetary establishment of China$141BFinan Cials🇨🇳China79Netflix OBSUMERITY $ 140BCOS US 80MEITUAN $140BTECHNOLOGY🇨🇳CHINO81CONOCOPHILLIPS $139BENERGY🇺🇸US 82AT&T $138BFINANCIALS🇺🇸US83CVS HEALTH $ 136BHEALTH CARE CARE 84DIR 86PROSUS $135BTECHNOLOGY🇳🇱オランダ87RBC $135BFINANCIALS🇨🇦カナダ88IBM $134BTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US 89SALESFORCE $133BTECHNOLOGY🇺🇸US 90UNION PACIFIC $133BINDUSTURTIALS🇺🇸US91Deere & Agency $132Indiriser bfinancials🇨🇳 China 94hdfc Monetary establishment $129bfinancials🇮🇳 India95 Elevance Nicely being $128bhealth Care 🇸USA

*As of December 12, 2022.

oil huge Saudi Aramco is the third largest publicly traded agency on the earth. $1.8 trillionMoreover it’s the one non-US agency inside the prime ten.

The state-owned agency briefly turned in all probability probably the most helpful agency on the planet in Might as hovering energy prices boosted earnings. Saudi Arabia is the world’s largest oil exporter and the nation’s financial system is projected to develop by 7.6% in 2022, making him one among many quickest on the earth.

Whole, 62 of the best 100 firms are headquartered within the US, 11 in China, and 5 in France.

2022 Prime 10 Effectivity

For plenty of the world’s largest firms, 2022 shall be A brutal year for performance.

As a result of the chart above reveals, practically the entire world’s giants have fallen in market value. Half of these firms posted double-digit declines.

Tesla nearly observed 70% of market capitalization to be erased this 12 months. There are two principal components behind this decline. Declining demand, significantly in China, and CEO Elon his Musk’s dangerous and harmful acquisition of Twitter.

UnitedHealth Group, nonetheless, had the strongest effectivity inside the prime 10.

The company, which scrapes most of its earnings from employer-sponsored insurance coverage protection, acknowledged the implications of the recession had however to begin out materializing in 2022.

World’s largest firms by sector

Know-how will nonetheless dominate similtaneously market values ​​fall all through sectors in 2022.

Of the world’s largest firms, 20 are know-how firms with a combined market value of $9.2 trillionAt a extreme diploma, this represents about 31% of the market value of the best 100 firms.

Rank SectorTotal Market Price Number of Companies Sector 1 Largest Agency👩‍💻Know-how$9.2T20Apple 2🚗Shopper Discretion$4.7T17Amazon 3🩺Healthcare$4.3T17UnitedHealth Group 4🛢️Vitality$3.4T8Saudi Aramco 5💵Finance$3.0T14Berkshire Hathaway$6🏭.8TConsumer T7Procter & Gamble 8📞 Telecommunications$841B5Cisco 9⛏️ Major Provides$326B2Linde 10🔌 Utilities$127B1Nextera Vitality

Companies are categorized in response to the FTSE Russell Enterprise Classification Benchmark. *As of December 12, 2022.

The client gadgets and healthcare sectors are dominated by huge firms equal to Amazon and Johnson & Johnson.

On the completely different end of the spectrum is utilities, the smallest whole sector associated to a minimal of a very powerful file of firms. NextEra Vitality, the one utility agency inside the ranking, is no doubt one of many world’s largest builders of wind and photograph voltaic energy. We plan to take a position as a lot as $95 billion over the next three years. Greening power operations.

change of future

It’s no shock that a number of the world’s largest firms are long-established players in worldwide markets.

Nonetheless some notable climbers inside the rankings compared to 2021 UnitedHealth Group, which climbed from No. 19 in 2021 to No. 8 this 12 months, and NVIDIA, which rose from No. 24 ultimate 12 months to become the eleventh largest agency on the earth.

In distinction, a variety of the best losers are Meta (Fb’s dad or mum agency) and Alibaba. Meta dropped from sixth place in 2021 to twenty sixth place in 2022. Within the meantime, Alibaba slipped to thirty sixth on the earth, the place she was as quickly as ninth. Every firms have misplaced considerable value to their market capitalizations whereas their earnings have been sluggish. about 66% and 28%, respectively.

As a result of the 12 months attracts to an in depth, it stays to be seen whether or not or not the world’s largest firms will make a comeback in 2023 or face a harder time.

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