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NBA Leading the Way in Prioritizing Mental Health


Sep 16, 2023

Mike Volkunov, a writer for The Athletic, has highlighted the NBA’s efforts to support players in dealing with mental health issues. In an article published this week, Volkunov discusses how mental health can often be a difficult topic to openly discuss, especially for famous athletes and celebrities. However, he argues that the NBA is leading the way in making mental health a priority and destigmatizing it.

The article focuses on a recent conference held in Manhattan, where league officials, mental health organizations, and experts came together to address mental health in professional sports. Among the attendees was CJ McCollum, a former player and current players association president. McCollum emphasized the need for professional athletes to acknowledge and address mental health issues, particularly within communities that historically have been hesitant to discuss such matters.

McCollum also highlighted the significance of creating peer support and access to experts in dealing with mental health. He stressed the importance of athletes having someone to turn to who can understand their experiences and provide guidance. This support is crucial, especially for those who may be experiencing unprecedented challenges as first-generation billionaires or college graduates.

The article concludes by suggesting that the NBA’s efforts to normalize mental health as part of the professional experience are commendable. It encourages readers to dive deeper into the topic by reading the article, which serves as a valuable resource and guide.

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