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NBC Sports Bay Area & California: Brock Purdy remains true to himself despite newfound 49ers fame


Sep 9, 2023

“Mr. Relevant: Brock Purdy’s NFL Story,” a 49ers Talk original series, delves into the incredible journey of quarterback Brock Purdy, from being the last pick of the 2022 NFL Draft to becoming a Bay Area superstar. The series showcases Purdy’s perspective along with insights from his mom and dad.

Purdy expresses his gratitude and humbleness despite his rapid rise to fame in the Bay Area and the NFL. Reflecting on his journey, he acknowledges the challenge of proving himself worthy of being on the 49ers team and making a good impression on his teammates and coaches. He feels fortunate for the warm welcome he has received from the fan base.

Prior to Week 13 last year, Purdy was relatively unknown until he took over as the 49ers quarterback after Jimmy Garoppolo’s season-ending injury. Suddenly, everything changed. During an eight-game win streak that took the team to the NFC Championship Game, Purdy became an overnight sensation. His popularity even extended to receiving a standing ovation at a local restaurant while having a meal with his family.

Purdy appreciates the support and passion of the fans and aims to give back and show them love. He values the opportunity to be part of a team with such a rich history and a fan base that includes generations of supporters. For Purdy, it is important to be genuine and love his teammates, always putting the team first.

Purdy’s father, Shawn, admires his son’s consistent and selfless nature, both on and off the field. Their close bond has supported Brock’s recovery from a UCL injury he sustained eight months ago. Shawn admires Brock’s focus on the team and his eagerness to contribute to their success.

While Purdy recognizes fans’ expectations and the team’s desire to bring another Super Bowl trophy to the Bay Area, he remains grounded and focused on the upcoming season. He acknowledges that there is still much to learn and grow from, and he is determined to do whatever it takes to win alongside his teammates.

Shawn takes pride in watching his son pursue his passion for football, regardless of the outcome. Seeing Brock live out his dreams is fulfilling, especially considering the doubts that surrounded his potential from the beginning. Both Shawn and his wife are ecstatic to witness their son’s success and couldn’t be happier for him.

The 49ers Talk Podcast offers more insights and updates on Brock Purdy and the team.

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