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NBC Sports Philadelphia: Delving into the reasons behind Arryn Siposs’ continued tenure as the Eagles’ punter


Sep 7, 2023

Arryn Siposs understands that he will be the Eagles’ punter for their game against the Patriots on Sunday. However, he is well aware that nothing is guaranteed beyond that. Siposs acknowledges that anyone who claims not to think about their future in the NFL is probably not being entirely truthful. Nevertheless, he recognizes that this is the nature of the profession and that he needs to focus on his performance on the field. Siposs believes that if he performs well, everything else will fall into place.

Currently on the Eagles’ practice squad, Siposs will have a three-week tryout to prove himself. After Week 3, he will no longer be eligible for game-day elevations, and the Eagles will need to make a decision on whether to find another punter or sign him to the 53-man roster. Despite facing competition in training camp and having three other punters brought in to potentially replace him last week, Siposs has maintained his position on the team.

Siposs views the competition as a positive experience that has made him a better punter. He believes that having someone challenging him pushed him to prove himself and compare his skills directly. He feels that he has made significant improvements and worked on specific aspects of his game to ensure his performance is better. Siposs is looking forward to what lies ahead and is grateful for the opportunity.

While Siposs’ average over the last two years ranks in the bottom half among qualifying punters, it’s important to consider the challenging weather conditions he faces in the Northeast. Despite this, the Eagles have decided to stick with Siposs, which surprised some considering how last season ended. Special teams coach Michael Clay stated that many factors go into the decision, including punting operation and timing. The team feels confident going into Week One with Siposs as the punter.

Siposs has focused on slowing down his operation since the end of last season. He has realized that rushing things leads to a loss of consistency. While he possesses a strong leg, finding the necessary consistency has been a challenge for him. Slowing down his process has had a positive impact, and he believes his performance has been solid in training camp and leading up to Week One.

Slowing down his operation involves making subtle adjustments, such as giving himself a fraction more time to focus on the ball. Siposs has complete faith in his teammates and their ability to do their job, which allows him extra time to execute his punts effectively. By making these small changes, he hopes to improve his consistency and overall performance.

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