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NBC Sports Philadelphia: Eagles Embrace Advantage of Uncertainty Surrounding Sean Desai’s Defense


Sep 6, 2023

The Philadelphia Eagles’ defense under Sean Desai remains a mystery to many, including the New England Patriots. According to Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni, the unknown factor gives the team an advantage. In order to keep their plans under wraps, the Eagles kept their preseason plays vanilla and did not reveal too much of what they have in store for the regular season. This year, the Eagles lost both their defensive coordinator, Jonathan Gannon, and their offensive coordinator, Shane Steichen, to head coaching jobs elsewhere. While the offense may see less change with an internal promotion for Brian Johnson and most of the starters returning, the defense will likely undergo more noticeable adjustments.

While Desai’s defense will likely include similarities to Gannon’s approach, there will also be differences. Desai has worked closely with coach Vic Fangio in the past, which he mentioned in his introductory press conference. However, Desai only held the position of a full-time defensive coordinator once before, with the Chicago Bears in 2021. The Eagles have a different personnel than the Bears, so the defense will need to adapt accordingly. During training camp, there were glimpses of what we might expect from Desai’s defense, such as nickel fronts, three-safety looks, and unique blitzes. However, most of the strategies have not yet been revealed and it remains to be seen how Desai will utilize his players in different situations.

This uncertainty makes game preparation challenging for the Patriots, who will face the Eagles in the season opener. Patriots head coach Bill Belichick acknowledged that they are aware of Desai’s previous work but noted that the Eagles were relatively vanilla in the preseason, so there is still much to discover about their defensive plans. The Eagles also brought in Matt Patricia as a senior defensive assistant, adding another layer of complexity for the Patriots to consider. The Eagles have been seeking any advantage they can get, including picking Patricia’s brain for insights into Belichick’s successful coaching methods.

Sirianni attempted to compare the Eagles’ defensive coordinator situation to the Patriots’ offensive coordinator situation, although it is not quite parallel. Desai is new to Philadelphia, and this will only be his second season as an NFL defensive coordinator. On the other hand, the Patriots brought back Bill O’Brien as their offensive coordinator, who has extensive experience running his offensive schemes. Despite these differences, both teams are benefiting from the element of the unknown, which adds an advantage in the upcoming game.

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