Nebraska Today: Gross’ Passion for Sports Media Reaches the Next Level.

Doing class assignments on Saturdays is not what every student imagines as the ideal weekend. However, for Meg Gross, filming the Husker Football Spring game as a Sports Media and Communications Major at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln College of Journalism and Mass Communications, is the perfect way to spend a Saturday.

Gross has always been an avid sports fan and grew up in Bellevue. During her high school years, she took her camera to every sporting event imaginable and covered them on her social media. Her passion for sports media led her to pursue a degree in journalism at the College of Journalism and Mass Communications, where she felt right at home.

With her first year coming to a close, Gross is more confident than ever in her career choice. She has gained a lot of experience taking photos at games, writing articles, and interviewing coaches and players. The Sports Media Major class offers creative avenues ranging from podcast production to traditional broadcast opportunities, while Gross has demonstrated her strengths during her internship in Husker Athletics’ Creative Media Division.

At the Creative Media Division, Gross helps photograph, create content, and manage social media for many teams, from her live tweets at gymnastics tournaments to photoshoots for her softball team. Gross enjoys getting her hands on the field and working with the athletes. She was nervous as a freshman to be around different athletes, but everyone has been welcoming and eager to help her grow and learn.

Gross loves her job and feels that it is exactly what she wanted to do from the moment she got there. “It’s really cool to be able to take pictures on this scale that so many people are watching and participating in,” she said. For Gross, every Saturday spent filming the Husker Football Spring game is a dream come true.

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