Need Decoration for Your Event Space? Let Naperville Satin Chairs Provide Assistance.

Satin Chair is a business located at 429 E. Ogden Ave., Naperville, and can be reached at 630-504-2009 or via their website, The business has been around for 14 years and is run by the owners, Travis and Natalia Meils. Satin Chair offers an event planning and decoration service where they transform any space to make it look better, more elegant, and sophisticated. They cater to a wide range of events that include weddings, graduations, reunions, proms, and corporate events.

Travis Meils, the owner of Satin Chair, started a landscaping construction company at the age of 15. He worked in the industry for eight to nine years but found it wasn’t as lucrative as he hoped. His wife Natalia, who was decorating a church for an event, suggested they start a decorating company. Thus, Satin Chair was born to offer an opportunity where landscaping and design could merge with the convenience of working all year round indoors.

Satin Chair works with clients to figure out their budget, style, and venue. They offer suggestions on how to allocate funds to transform the space. Travis admits that sometimes clients want too much, and they have to suggest alternative, more budget-friendly ideas. For instance, the mirrored aisle runner is a sophisticated product Satin Chair offers, but due to its cost and the logistics of transportation, they’ve only done it twice.

The owner of Satin Chair mentions that his business had been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with fewer events, weddings being postponed, and cancellations. He supplemented his income by creating personalized birthday signs and making masks to sell and donate to hospitals. However, they plan to make up for the lost income by having a more prominent corporate event this year to reward their employees.

The company is not limited to event decorations; they also build and manufacture their products. They have people in Wisconsin who do welding for them and manufacture their flooring. Every year they take on around 30-40 events, with some taking a day to complete. The business has worked on Indian weddings and Diwali parties, showing its versatility in cultural events.

Travis encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to aim to improve constantly. Satin Chair serves Naperville and the surrounding areas, and people looking for supplies can find them anywhere. However, the business builds and makes most of their inventory themselves to offer unique and customized items for their clients.

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