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Netanyahu claims Hamas is uninterested in negotiations, recalls Israeli delegation from Qatar


Mar 26, 2024

Israel’s negotiating team sent to Qatar for talks with Hamas on a ceasefire in Gaza is set to leave Doha after Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu accused Hamas of not being interested in continuing negotiations. Netanyahu stated that Hamas has rejected compromise proposals and continues to make extreme demands, such as an immediate end to the war and the withdrawal of the Israeli Army from Gaza. Israel has vowed not to bow to Hamas’s demands and will continue to pursue its objectives in the conflict.

Following Netanyahu’s statement, the Israeli delegation in Doha will be returning home as Hamas’s conditions for a ceasefire are deemed unrealistic. Hamas, on the other hand, accused Netanyahu of undermining diplomatic efforts and obstructing the possibility of reaching an agreement. The United Nations Security Council recently passed a resolution regarding the conflict, with the U.S. abstaining this time instead of vetoing the resolution as in the past.

Israel launched its offensive in response to attacks by Hamas, leading to numerous casualties on both sides. The conflict has escalated, with thousands of Palestinians dead and many more injured. Despite efforts for a ceasefire, both sides seem unwilling to compromise, leading to challenges in reaching a peaceful resolution.

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