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Netanyahu Defends Hostage Deal as the Right Decision


Nov 22, 2023

During a government meeting, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that the war would continue until they achieved their objectives. He spoke about the return of the hostages and classified it as a top priority, stating that they would not have peace until they were all returned. The agreement between Israel and Hamas to return hostages was negotiated, and the President of the United States, Joe Biden, improved the framework proposed for the release of more hostages.

The return of the hostages was further elaborated with plans for the release of 30 children, 8 mothers, and 12 other women being taken hostage in exchange for 150 Palestinian prisoners. The government appeared divided on the issue, with far-right ministers and other ministers having differing views. Six hospitals in Israel are reported to be ready to receive the hostages once released, having set up special areas for their comfort and privacy.

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