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New App at USF Revolutionizes Business Student Support


Nov 20, 2023

Kamila Khasanova and Jordan Murti have developed the app “Peabj” to provide college business students with a platform to connect with one another. Currently in the testing phase at the University of South Florida, the app has already gained over 200 users. One positive outcome of the app is the partnership of Nicholas Pacini and Sarthak Pattnaik on a startup initiative.

The goal of Peabj is to assist business students in forming professional connections and finding collaborators for projects. Startups and other entrepreneurial ventures may blossom from these connections. Specifically, students like Pattnaik and Pacini have utilized the app to connect with like-minded peers and work towards their shared professional goals. As a result, they have been able to secure funding through programs like Hustle, which funds student startups.

Peabj has enabled business students to establish meaningful relationships and access resources at a critical time in their academic and professional careers. In the future, the app will expand to serve college students across the country.

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