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New entrants in the market pose pressure on sports betting firms with the commencement of the NFL season


Sep 10, 2023

The NFL season is about to begin, and it is expected to be another record year for online sports gambling. DraftKings and FanDuel currently dominate the market, holding more than 75% of it. However, ESPN and Fanatics, two major sports brands, are entering the gambling industry, which could lead to intense competition and promotional efforts.

Despite the increased competition, DraftKings is confident in its position. CEO Jason Robins believes that the best product will ultimately win in the digital market. He believes that DraftKings is currently the best product and will continue to improve.

Penn Entertainment recently signed a $2 billion deal with ESPN to launch ESPN Bet in November. They hope to increase their market share and compete with DraftKings and FanDuel. Fanatics, on the other hand, has a large database of sports fans and plans to leverage that to promote bets based on customers’ favorite teams.

Fanatics Betting & Gaming CEO Matt King, who previously spent time at FanDuel, believes there is an opportunity to approach online gambling differently. He wants to take a more consumer technology-focused approach, similar to American Express’s rewards program. Fanatics plans to integrate its collectibles business and create fan experiences for bettors to interact with players.

The entrance of Penn Entertainment and Fanatics into the market raises questions about the existing competitive landscape. Analysts wonder if DraftKings and FanDuel will lose their market leader positions as others improve their platforms. It remains to be seen if customers will transition to these new offerings.

The increased competition also leads to questions about promotional activities. Companies may resort to aggressive marketing and promotions to attract customers. Promotions can be effective in bringing new customers to a platform, but they can also negatively impact a company’s profitability. Caesars’ experience in New York, where they offered large deposit matches but failed to retain customers, resulted in significant losses.

While the industry has improved margins this year, the success of Fanatics or ESPN Bet could disrupt the progress made towards profitability. Customer acquisition moments in the sports gambling space could threaten companies’ profitability if they resort to excessive spending on marketing to maintain market share.

In conclusion, the NFL season will bring intense competition and promotional efforts in the online sports gambling market. Existing leaders DraftKings and FanDuel face new challenges from companies like ESPN and Fanatics. The success of these new entrants could disrupt the current competitive landscape and impact profitability in the industry.

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