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New Government Price Announcement: Diesel and Gasoline Prices to Drop at Midnight


Nov 20, 2023

The government passed the Decree on determining the highest retail prices of oil derivatives during a telephonic session on Monday. These prices will be valid for the next two weeks and will come into force on Tuesday.

The new prices for gasoline fuel will be 1.44 EUR/l (10.85 HRK/l), which is a reduction of 0.02 EUR/l. For diesel fuel, the new price will be 1.46 EUR/l (11.00 HRK/l), representing a reduction of 0.06 EUR/l. Blue diesel will be priced at 0.92 EUR/l (6.93 HRK/l), a reduction of 0.06 EUR/l. LPG for tanks will be priced at 1.17 EUR/kg (8.82 HRK/kg), a reduction of 0.05 EUR/kg. LPG for bottles will be priced at 1.73 EUR/kg (13.03 HRK/kg), also a reduction of 0.05 EUR/kg.

The government stated that without government measures, the prices would be significantly higher. Gasoline fuel would be 1.57 EUR/l (11.83 HRK/l), diesel fuel 1.61 EUR/l (12.13 HRK/l), blue diesel 1.01 EUR/l (7.61 HRK/l), LPG for tanks 1.41 EUR/kg (10.62 HRK/kg), and LPG for bottles 2.04 EUR/kg (15.37 HRK/kg).

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