New online shop from Sky Sports and Fanatics offers Premier League, F1, NFL, and NBA merchandise to fans.

Fans will soon have the ability to purchase licensed sports merchandise directly from channels owned and operated by Sky Sports, thanks to a new partnership with UK Fanatics. On May 12, 2023, Sky Sports will launch its first online merchandise shop in conjunction with Fanatics, providing fans with access to over 900 of the largest sports organizations, including Premier League Football, Formula 1, NFL, NBA, Cricket, and many others.

The merchandise can be purchased through, and in exchange, Fanatics will have the opportunity to create branded products for Sky Sports in the future. According to Sky Sports Commercial Director Yas Gangakumaran, this partnership signifies an important milestone for both companies and sports fans in general, as it offers a seamless experience to those who watch the sport and those who want access to the products.

Both Sky Sports and Fanatics are leaders in their respective spaces, with a shared commitment to providing unparalleled experiences to fans across a wide range of sports. This partnership leverages their collective expertise to provide access to the widest range of licensed sports products available anywhere, providing an enhanced experience for sports fans in the UK, Germany, and Italy.

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