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New President’s Election Sends Argentinian Stock Market Soaring


Nov 21, 2023

After the election of the populist ultra-liberal Javier Milei as president of Argentina, the stock market in the South American country skyrocketed on Tuesday. The star index in Buenos Aires, Merval, rebounded as much as 22 percent shortly after the opening bell.

On Monday, the Argentine stock exchange remained closed for a holiday, and Argentine shares abroad already rose sharply. The Argentine stock exchange also followed suit on Tuesday. For example, energy company YPF was up to 39 percent higher. Milei previously hinted at a privatization of the group. Meanwhile, sector peer Pampa Energia rose by as much as 21 percent, and power supplier Central Puerto by up to 19 percent.

In addition, Telecom Argentina, real estate giant IRSA, and agricultural group Credsud, among others, increased in value by up to a third. Steel company Ternium improved by 26 percent, financial services provider Grupo Galicia increased by up to 18 percent.

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