• Tue. May 28th, 2024

New Reports Released by EU and World Bank on Investing in Disaster Resilience in Europe: A Smart Approach


May 15, 2024

On May 15, 2024, the European Commission, with assistance from the World Bank, released three new reports focusing on investing in disaster resilience, the costs of adaptation strategies, and the financial impact of wildfires and droughts. The European Commission funded the studies conducted by the World Bank.

The first report offers guidance and examples for decision-makers and practitioners on how to make strategic investments that enhance disaster and climate resilience, particularly in vital sectors such as emergency-response services. It highlights the vulnerabilities of critical infrastructure to various hazards like flooding, wildfires, earthquakes, and landslides, and recommends prioritizing investments in these areas.

The second report presents fresh insights into the expenses associated with adapting to the impacts of climate change, urging European countries to increase their investments in climate adaptation efforts.

The third report delves into the financial repercussions of wildfires and droughts, shedding light on the funding gap that the EU and certain Member States are facing in terms of available finances versus the required funds.

To access the reports, you can download them from the provided link.


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