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New Smart Pen Technology Connects Handwritten Notes to ChatGPT


Feb 11, 2024

XNote is revolutionizing note-taking by combining the traditional act of handwriting with the convenience of digital technology. This innovative smart pen works with an iPhone app to convert handwritten notes into text, create reminders based on your notes, and utilize artificial intelligence to answer questions about your scribbles. At its core, XNote is a regular pen that writes on normal paper, but with special capabilities thanks to an accompanying iPhone app and a unique dotted notebook.

The dots on each page of the notebook allow the pen to track its exact location, while the app records pen strokes in real-time and saves them. This real-time syncing means all your written notes are instantly digitized for easy searching, editing, and sharing. XNote goes beyond basic transcription with its integration of ChatGPT, allowing it to summarize key points, pull out action items, set reminders, and more based on what you’ve written.

With XNote, users can pull up action points from meetings, find book recommendations, create quizzes based on lecture notes, follow recipes, and list book recommendations. The device acts as a personal assistant that understands handwritten scribbles, making it easy to find what you need without flipping through notebooks.

This clever pen reconnects users to the joy and convenience of writing by hand, while eliminating the drawbacks of traditional pen and paper. Early backers on Indiegogo can pre-order an XNote pen and special dotted notebook for $199, with the option to unlock the full potential of AI features like reminders and quizzes with an additional $59 lifetime subscription fee. XNote is the perfect smart solution for digital note takers tired of typing and those who love writing by hand.

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