New “Spy for Spies” Nightly Shuffle in London to Star Olive Gray and Amy Lennox in World Premiere

The world premiere of “Spy for Spies” will take place this summer at Riverside Studios in West London. Directed by Amy Lennox and written by Kieron Barry, the play stars Olive Gray and Lennox herself. It tells the story of two women, Sara and Molly, whose relationship is presented in a new randomized sequence each night. The creative team includes designer Bethia Jane Green, lighting designer Holly Ellis, and sound designer Anna Short. Six audience members are asked to choose a song title from a bowl, and the order of the scenes is determined by the sequence of the chosen songs. The play explores the chaotic feeling of recollection and how memories influence our understanding of love stories.

Barry explains that the play aims to recreate the zig-zagging, chaotic feeling of recollection and to explore the act of recalling memories to find out whether we were loved. The play reflects the present moment’s insignificance compared to the reckless enthusiasm of the past that crowds around us. He wanted to write a play that challenges society’s endless promotion of the now, especially in the act of remembering love.

The director, Lucy Jane Atkinson, says this technique of randomized sequence allows the audience to explore the same relationship from different angles, leading to different emotional conclusions. Would we root for Sara and Molly’s love if we saw them fight before we saw them kiss? The possibilities are endless.

Co-produced by Feather Productions and his TeamAkers, the full cast of “Spy for Spies” will be announced at a later date. The play runs from June 15th to July 2nd at Riverside Studios in West London. Visit for more information.

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