New University of Manoa Initiative Fosters Collaboration among Health Science Goals

The University of Manoa is launching a Health Sciences Initiative to better serve the people of Hawaii. Leveraging the University of Hawaii’s extensive expertise in health sciences and medicine, this effort expands on the successful research conducted by faculty researchers across campuses. It also aims to create stronger links between all campuses of the UH System with government agencies and health care systems across the state.

President of the University of Manoa, Michael Bruno, believes that building a more strategic structure is necessary. With the challenges the COVID-19 pandemic has brought, and the importance of working together, this effort has been years in the making. The University of Manoa offers over 50 health science-related degrees and certificate programs, with world-class research that raised $130 million in external research funding just last year.

The University of Excellence for the dedication and core activities of its faculty, staff, and students who have assisted the State’s COVID-19 emergency response in the areas of teaching, research, clinical care delivery, and mentoring. Further, the initiative aims to redefine health science to recognize and collaboratively address the impacts of climate change and local health needs.

The Health Sciences Steering Committee, made up of 11 members, has been meeting monthly since August 2022 to implement the goals established for the Institute of Health Sciences at the University of Manoa. These goals include expanding the health care workforce of Hawaii and the Pacific, reducing health disparities, and more.

At an event held on May 4th at the UC Cancer Center, Lightning Talks were presented from 22 projects, including both internal and external collaborations. The event was attended by health sciences leaders, researchers, and external health partners.

Feedback from external committee members highlights the need for a reinforcing structure to support the creation and success of the Health Sciences Initiative. Sustained state investment is required to develop the health workforce and build healthier communities.

For more information, visit the website for the Health Sciences Initiative to view academic programs and unit presentations that provide a snapshot of existing collaborations in health sciences.

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