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New World Record: Charlton sets a stunning 60m hurdles record of 7.67 in New York | DETAILS


Feb 11, 2024

Devynne Charlton set a world record in the 60m hurdles at the Millrose Games. She finished with a time of 7.67 at the World Athletics Indoor Tour Gold meeting in New York. During the program, she showed her exceptional form, which first started at the beginning of 2024. Charlton previously set a national record of 7.75, followed by a 7.76 run in a different meeting. This performance led her to the main event at the Millrose Games.

At the Millrose Games, Charlton demonstrated a great start and managed to maintain her lead throughout the race. She finished ahead of her competitors, including Nia Ali and Danielle Williams, who are both experienced world champions in their own right. Charlton’s victory and new world record time of 7.67 surpassed the previous record set 16 years ago by Susanna Kallur.

Charlton expressed her disbelief and relief upon seeing her name and time on the clock. She mentioned that achieving her goal and setting the world record made her feel “on top of the world.” Her outstanding performance and reaction to her achievement will undoubtedly be remembered in the future as she continues to excel in her career.

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