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New York Post Supports Israel and Criticizes Western Media as PR for Hamas


Nov 21, 2023

The authors of the article criticized the way in which the videos released by the IDF spokesman were reviewed, which were seen in Israel as evidence that Hamas used the Shifa hospital in Gaza for terrorist purposes. However, in many parts of the world, the images were met with skepticism.

The article mentioned videos showing hostages kidnapped by Hamas being taken to the hospital and a 55-meter-long tunnel under the hospital, along with testimonies of Palestinian victims of Hamas who said the organization used the hospital for torture and interrogations. Despite this evidence, major media outlets were accused of portraying the situation as “Israel claims” or “Israel blames” rather than reporting the facts.

The authors of the article argued that the media was being used as a public relations agent of Hamas, claiming that journalists and editors were ignoring blatant evidence to fit their narrative that “Hamas is the victim and Israel is the aggressor.” This, they claimed, was leading to a historic low in trust in the media.

The article also criticized the way in which the media seemed to be turning a blind eye to evidence that contradicted their portrayal of the situation. They accused the media of being hostile towards Israel and failing to give weight to clear facts about Hamas’s actions.

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