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New York State DMV Technology Undergoing Major Transformation


Apr 4, 2024

A new project initiated by the governor’s office is set to revamp DMV technology statewide. Governor Kathy Hochul announced that the state will be partnering with FAST Enterprises for this project. FAST Enterprises has successfully modernized DMV systems in over 15 other states, making them a trusted partner for this important initiative.

The goal of the project is to replace and improve the current 50-year-old technology that has been causing delays and system outages at DMV locations. By introducing automation and enhancing security measures, the new technology will make the DMV more efficient, stable, and agile. Governor Hochul emphasized the importance of this upgrade in order to better serve the residents of the state.

The entire project is estimated to take four years to complete. During this time, the state will work closely with FAST Enterprises to ensure a smooth transition to the new technology. This initiative is a necessary step towards modernizing the DMV system and providing a more seamless experience for residents seeking services from the DMV.

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