News on Planning for SME Cohorts

The Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Cohort Program is open for applications for small business owners and owners. This five-month program, now in its third year, has provided positive outcomes to thirty graduates over the past two years. The program’s objective is to aid business owners in tackling challenges and stabilizing and growing their businesses.

Participants that apply to this program do not need to be members of the Chamber of Commerce. Moreover, the program is open to everyone working in Western Kentucky and Southern Illinois. Class registration is open until October and starts on June 7th. The application is available on their website, with a fee of $750. Additionally, scholarships are available, including minority-owned business scholarships. The scholarships are made possible by grants from West Kentucky Community and Technical College and the Mackenzie-Scott National Charitable Trust.

The Small Business Cohort Program helps small businesses gain skills and connections needed to take them to the next level and thrive. This program has already helped over 30 small business operators to grow their businesses over the past two years. Members of the cohort attend ten teaching sessions and spend time with local mentors and peers outside of class. Katie Englert, owner of Compass Counseling and Chicken Salad Chick, and Chris Hill, owner of IHM Used Parts, will serve as mentors to the cohort members. Both mentors have completed previous research on “Fix This Next” and are eager to help the next cohort group.

Participants of the program will be recognized in the Paducah Chamber of Commerce Power-In Partnership Breakfast and at the Chamber of Commerce’s weekly emails, in news and monthly newsletters distributed multiple times during the program. A payment plan is also available, with a money-back guarantee if the program is completed with no more than two absences and if the participant is not satisfied with the program.

In conclusion, the Small Business Cohort Program by Paducah Area Chamber of Commerce is a great opportunity for small business owners to gain skills and assistance in growing their business. Moreover, the scholarships available for minorities make this program more accessible to underrepresented groups in the business world.

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